Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Ode to My Grandfather

Forever, in our hearts, we will be missing,
A lover of baseball, family and fishing.

St. Michael and Emily, on Earth were your home,
Near Father in heaven is now where you'll roam.

My grandpa, you were, my grandpa you'll be,
Your wife, my dear Grandma, forever you'll see.

The farm stuff you sold, the homes you would own,
All the stories you told, happy thoughts in me sewn.

I love you dear grandpa, I'll always be wishing
In heaven, with grandma, again you'll be kissing.

~dedicated to my grandfather:
Norbert Louis Barthel (3/1/06 ~ 4/2/06)

**I recited this in front of more than 200 people at his funeral, which, for me took a lot of strength. I've done broadcasting work as well (the majority involving sports, but some other human interest pieces as well). In fact, I've been told by many they'd think I'd have a good career as a sports broadcaster. A very successful, talented, highly respected colleague of mine said I appeared very natural and looked good on camera. I disagreed at the time, but maybe someday ...

The reason I've chosen to follow a writing career (over television); however, is because I do not want to be in the spotlight. I'm still incredibly thankful for my two television internships (with WFTC Fox 29 and Fox 9 sports). Alas, here I am two years after graduation and no full-time position yet. Nevertheless, I shall continue my ever-passionate, tireless pursuit of a career in print.

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