Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bending time back a few years

These next few posts were articles I wrote awhile ago. Well, seven articles, two columns and a poem to be exact.

When people ask me who my two favorite interviews were, I like to tell them, "well, there's this ex-Twins outfielder I had a personal 16-minute sit-down interview with, that was neat." Oh yeah, I was also fortunate enough to interview my dad's All-time favorite Twins player as well. That was pretty neat, and I got to ask him how he'd handle hitting Johan Santana. Then there's volleyball All-Americans, a young Gophers hockey goalie and a few other neat interviews.

However, my number one favorite interview was and still is my grandmother -- Cecilia Jeannette Barthel.

Torii Hunter takes second place. Tony Oliva might be third. From there, I've really enjoyed interviewing athletes in niche sports, so to speak ... i.e. swimming, rowing, running ... Them, some aspiring comedians, musicians and other special interest type of people. Basically, I like to interview and write stories about anyone who is truly passionate about what they do. Whether it be organizing poker nights at various bars and night clubs or amazing filled hockey arenas by making a great glove save on a Friday or Saturday night.

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