Sunday, April 13, 2008

MLB '08 Predictions

**These are prognostications I made about three weeks ago, it just slipped my mind to post them. Yes, I understand it's nearly two weeks into the season now (which may cheapen the value of these predictions to certain readers); but, I know I stayed true with my selections and that's what matters.

MLB 2008 Preview

Los Angeles Angels over New York Mets (six games)

Los Angeles over Boston Red Sox (four games)

New York over Colorado Rockies (four games)

Los Angeles over Detroit Tigers (four games)
Boston Red Sox over Cleveland Indians (five games)

New York over Los Angeles Dodgers (three games)
Colorado over Chicago Cubs (five games)

Final Standings for American and National Leagues:
LA Angels 91-71
Seattle Mariners 88-74
Oakland Athletics 79-81
Texas Rangers 71-91
Cleveland Indians 93-69
*Detroit Tigers 88-74
Kansas City Royals 83-79
Minnesota Twins 76-86
Chicago White Sox 68-94
Boston Red Sox 103-59
New York Yankees 86-76
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 84-78
Toronto Blue Jays 74-88
Baltimore Orioles 63-99
Colorado Rockies 89-73
*Los Angeles Dodgers 87-75
San Diego Padres 83-81
Arizona Diamondbacks 79-83
San Francisco Giants 68-94
Chicago Cubs 90-66
Milwaukee Brewers 85-77
Houston Astros 79-81
Cincinnati Reds 79-81
Pittsburgh Pirates 77-83
St. Louis Cardinals 72-90
New York Mets 90-66
Philadelphia Phillies 89-67
Atlanta Braves 83-81
Washington Nationals 72-90
Florida Marlins 70-92
* Wild Cards

Date: July 15th 2008
Location: Yankee Stadium (Bronx, New York, New York)
AL Starters:
SP — Fausto Carmona (CLE)
C — Victor Martinez (CLE)
1B — Justin Morneau (MIN)
2B — B.J. Upton (TB)
3B — Alex Rodriguez (NYY)
SS — Derek Jeter (SS)
LF — Ichiro (SEA)
CF — Torii Hunter (LAA)
RF — Vladimir Guerrero (LAA)

AL Reserves
Pitchers — Felix Hernandez (SEA), Justin Verlander (DET), Dontrelle Willis (DET), Daisuke Matsuzaka (BOS), Joe Blanton (OAK), John Lackey (LAA), Scott Kazmir (TB), Francisco Rodriguez (LAA), Bobby Jenks (CHW), J.J. Putz (SEA), Jonathan Papelbon (BOS)
Infielders — Carlos Pena (TB), Joe Mauer (MIN), Michael Young (TEX), Ivan Rodriguez (DET), Adrian Beltre (SEA), Chone Figgins (LAA), David Ortiz (BOS), Billy Butler (KC), Brian Roberts (BAL)

Outfielders — Gary Matthews Jr. (LAA), Jacoby Elsbury (BOS), Curtis Granderson (DET), Grady Sizemore (CLE), Vernon Wells (TOR)

NL Starters:
SP — Ubaldo Jimenez (COL)
C — Russell Martin (LAD)
1B — Mark Teixiera (ATL)
2B — Orlando Hudson (ARZ)
3B — David Wright (NYM)
SS — Jose Reyes (NYM)
LF — Alfonso Soriano (CHC)
CF — Juan Pierre (LAD)
RF — Hunter Pence (HOU)

NL Reserves:
Pitchers — Johan Santana (NYM), Brad Penny (LAD), Cole Hamels (PHI), Jake Peavy (SD), Aaron Harang (CIN), Carlos Zambrano (CHC), Ian Snell (PIT), Manny Corpas (COL), Kerry Wood (CHC), Eric Gagne (MIL)
Infielders — Brian McCann (ATL), Bengie Molina (SF), Prince Fielder (MIL), Ryan Howard (PHL), Hanley Ramirez (FLA), Chase Utley (PHI), Freddy Sanchez (PIT), Ryan Zimmerman (WAS), Troy Tulowitzki (COL), Chipper Jones (ATL)
Outfielders — Bill Hall (MIL), Eric Young (ARZ), Rick Ankiel (STL), Kosuke Fukudome (CHC)

American League:
MVP — Vladimir Guerrero
CY — Daisuke Matsuzaka
Rolaids Relief — Francisco Rodriguez
R.O.Y. — Jacoby Elsbury
Comeback Player of the Year — Dontrelle Willis
Gold Gloves —
Pitcher: Francisco Liriano (MIN)
Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez (DET)
1st Base: Justin Morneau (MIN)
2nd Base: Nick Punto (MIN)
3rd Base: Chone Figgins (LAA)
Shortstop: Derk Jeter (NYY)
Outfield (3): Ichiro Suzuki (SEA), Curtis Granderson (DET), Torii Hunter (LAA)

National League:
MVP — Jose Reyes (NYM)
CY — Johan Santana (NYM)
Rolaids Relief — Manny Corpas (COL)
R.O.Y.— Felix Pie (CHC)
Comeback Player of the Year — Miguel Tejada (HOU)
Gold Gloves —
Pitcher: Johan Santana (NYM)
Catcher: Russell Martin (LAD)
1st Base: Mark Teixeira (ATL)
2nd Base: Luis Castillo (NYM)
3rd Base: David Wright (NYM)
Shortstop: Jose Reyes (NYM)
Outfield (3): Juan Pierre (LAD), Alfonzo Soriano (CHI), Mike Cameron (MIL)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Walking Off an Angel

Los Angeles Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez went down with an injury after surrendering the lead to the Cleveland Indians in the top of the 9th tonight. The man known as K-Rod was in danger of letting his Angels lose.

The defeat would've been the Angels first loss in 162 consecutive contests where they've entered the ninth with a lead.

So, what happened? Well, Rodriguez, could've easily earned a win instead.

The Angels' Torii Hunter hit a walk-off grand slam.

This does not make Hunter the American League MVP. (Although, for one night, he was at least Anaheim's MVP).

The home run didn't give K-Rod a W. And no, Hunter's blast didn't miraculously cure Rodriguez and make him healthy for the rest of April. The homer did, however, get the Angels star closer off the hook for at least one more night.

It also gave Angels reliever Scott Shields (1-0) a mulligan victory.

There is a Rose in Spanish Harlem

It's not only a Mamas & The Papas lyric, Derrick Rose is indeed a special Rose. Tonight, however, he was not quite special enough. Perhaps Rose was in Harlem preceding the NCAA tournament... Or, perhaps, Rose's team just fell short tonight. In any case, it was a nice season for Memphis and I still hope the Timberpup's draft Mr. Rose in the 2008 NBA lottery.

Also, don't worry Derrick. As Mama Cass and The Mamas & The Papas proclaimed, "Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me."

(For those interested in stats and so forth ... Sorry, I've got tendinitis at the moment, and a lot of writing and stat digging is not something I'm up for at the moment)

I could go on "every other day (every other day), every other day (every other day) of the week is fy-iii-nnn-ee yeah." ... Although tonight is not one of the finest nights in Rose's life, something tells me, he'll get over it.

4-7-08 Kansas Jayhawks 75, Memphis Tigers 68 in OT