Thursday, September 4, 2008

NFL '08 Postulations

Not that I'm a pro, in terms of being a football critic (I've only covered one football game in a professional sense), but I have made my predictions for the 2008 National Football League season.

Sure, the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts are storied NFL franchises while the Eastview Lightning and Eden Prairie Eagles are high school teams in Minnesota. The Cowboys have Tony Romo and the Colts have Peyton Manning, while the Eagles, last fall, had Ryan Grant, and the Lightning had Corey Eul. Lastly, Romo and Manning are set to participate in the 43rd season of professional American football, whereas Grant and Eul tussled in a Minnesota state high school semi-final.

At any rate, working between four jobs and following Major League Baseball has left me with little time to study NFL football, but I went ahead and made my predictions nonetheless.

As far as upsets go? Well, the Arizona Cardinals making the playoffs is usually a surprise. I have the Cards earning entry this season. Also, I picked the Pittsburgh Steelers to post the 2nd-best record in the AFC this year.

Without further ado, here are my selections:

NFL 2008
Preseason Postulations

Arizona 9-7 (*)
Seattle 9-7
St. Louis 6-10
San Francisco 4-12

Minnesota 11-5
Green Bay 9-7 (wc)
Detroit 8-8
Chicago 5-11

New Orleans 10-6
Tampa Bay 8-8
Atlanta 6-10
Carolina 5-11

Dallas 12-4
Philadelphia 10-6 (wc)
Washington 9-7
New York 5-11

San Diego 10-6
Denver 8-8
Oakland 7-9
Kansas City 4-12

Pittsburgh 11-5
Cleveland 10-6 (wc)
Cincinnati 8-8
Baltimore 5-11

Indianapolis 10-6 (*)
Jacksonville 10-6 (wc)
Tennessee 8-8
Houston 6-10

New England 13-3
New York 9-7
Miami 6-10
Buffalo 5-11

(*) ~ Win tie-breaker
(wc) ~ Wild Card entries

2008 NFL Playoffs
NFC seeding
(1) Dallas
(2) Minnesota
(3) New Orleans
(4) Arizona
(5) Philadelphia
(6) Green Bay

AFC seeding
(1) New England
(2) Pittsburgh
(3) Indianapolis
(4) San Diego
(5) Jacksonville
(6) Cleveland

NFC Playoff games
(3) Saints over (6) Packers
(5) Eagles over (4) Cardinals

(1) Cowboys over (5) Eagles
(2) Vikings over (3) Saints

(1) Cowboys over (2) Vikings

AFC Playoff games
(3) Indianapolis over (6) Cleveland
(5) Jacksonville over (4) San Diego

(1) New England over (5) Jacksonville
(2) Indianapolis over (2) Pittsburgh

(2) Indianapolis over (1) New England

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