Monday, April 7, 2008

Walking Off an Angel

Los Angeles Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez went down with an injury after surrendering the lead to the Cleveland Indians in the top of the 9th tonight. The man known as K-Rod was in danger of letting his Angels lose.

The defeat would've been the Angels first loss in 162 consecutive contests where they've entered the ninth with a lead.

So, what happened? Well, Rodriguez, could've easily earned a win instead.

The Angels' Torii Hunter hit a walk-off grand slam.

This does not make Hunter the American League MVP. (Although, for one night, he was at least Anaheim's MVP).

The home run didn't give K-Rod a W. And no, Hunter's blast didn't miraculously cure Rodriguez and make him healthy for the rest of April. The homer did, however, get the Angels star closer off the hook for at least one more night.

It also gave Angels reliever Scott Shields (1-0) a mulligan victory.

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