Saturday, February 2, 2008

Randy Moss or Cris Carter

Having made his first Super Bowl appearance, are we ready to proclaim Randy Moss as the best wide receiver Minnesota has ever seen?

Consistency is the key.

How many Super Bowls has Cris Carter won?


How many catches does the 12-year Viking have? 1,101. Touchdowns? 130.

As great as Randy Moss is, let us recall the nine-year NFL veteran's two seasons in Oakland.

He caught 102 balls for 11 touchdowns.

Yes, he had quarterbacks with the likes of Andrew Walter and Kerry Collins, but 102 receptions in two years?

Carter, Moss' mentor while in Vikings uniforms together, averaged 91.75 receptions through his 16-year career.

Thus far, Moss has averaged 86 receptions and 13.8 touchdowns.

No, Carter does not have a Super Bowl ring. Yes, Jerry Rice has two.

As for Moss, the sky's the limit, but let's not anoint him supremacy yet.

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